Thursday, April 28, 2011


maddie, in and i had talked about going to babka for eons. for one reason or another we just never got around to it, the beckoning of still-hot baguettes and pear tarts just not sufficient enough to lure us down brunswick street. that and the last time we went the place was closed. take note all, babka is closed on mondays.

work started at noon on wednesday and so that became a worthy excuse for the three of us to get up early and get on over to the babka of stories and legend, not of the mb variety.

we sat outside, even in a post-easter wednesday morning the place was still quite busy even if there wasnt much going on around. i wasn't in the mood for anything too fancy, just ordering eggs and bacon. but the bacon was crispy enough and they supplemented maddie's toast with lots of good butter which i helped myself to as well. in had the georgian beans with fetta. it came out a heaving mass which smelt like a really cosy baltic kitchen. i suppose it could have been spicier, but i think tabasco ought to be hotter..

admittedly the coffee was quite average. it came as a surprise seeing as i had read about babka a lot. their coffee was never discussed, but one would think that a cafe of such good repute be leaning so heavily on their baking skills (especially with neighbours such as atomica, birdman and de clieu).

we all left room for a helping of their caramelized pear and custard tart. it was a fine specimen. the pastry tasted more like shortbread around the outside, and there was this syrupy caramel oozing out every time we dug our spoons down past the custard. that alone lived up to some of the hyperbole.. and i think that id go back just for another slice.

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