Wednesday, July 20, 2011

belgian beer garden

dear me, ive gone and found other endeavours to preoccupy myself with instead of blogging. how rude. seriously, its been however many weeks of no uni and i dont feel like ive accomplished quite as much as i wouldve liked to. the only area deserving of a gold star is my money-raking. for the first time in living memory im actually earning more than what i spend; a lot more for that matter. but thats not the point, the point is that as well as feeling a little disappointed with myself ive also created an immense backlog of blog entries to do. this will now be remedied.

friday was a momentous day for a few reasons. one of which was the return to the belgian beer garden. sadly this time around it wasn't with dearest johanna and that foxy probably-irish bartender who served me my first rekorderlig. instead it was emily and i dropping by for lunch at my insistence en route to picking up in's birthday cake (friday was also ineke's day of 21st celebrations).

together we shared a frosty cauldron of hoegaarden (they called it a pint but i felt more like pippin with his comically oversized not-a-pint at the prancing pony) chilli corn fritters and a croque monsieur.

the fries on the side were so-so in the grand scheme of fries, but the sandwich itself had me stop chewing for just a little to bask in the warm glow of its tastiness. the bread itself was hilariously thick, with a crispy and slightly cheesy exterior and then soft and pillowy underneath. there was ham and gooey cheese alongside a good wad of bechamel inside which binded everything together into something far too satisfying and praise-worthy than the sum of its parts. sorry im gushing quite a bit here but its not often that i feel it necessary to jizz my pants in response to a sandwich; and when it does happen then i think its alright to let people know.

i seriously need to question the existence of better bar food.

fritters croque monsieur hoegaarden

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