Wednesday, June 29, 2011

a minor place 2: pre-harvest

before harvest of course we needed a little something-something to digest on. i suggested a minor place. last time i went it was plenty fine; nice relaxed pace, good coffee and cheap delicious food. we got the booth up the back with prime seats overlooking the synesso. again the food was cheap and delicious. i inhaled a bagel with this amazing grilled ham, mandatory poached egg, rocket and some mildly spicy relish which tasted like good quality pasta sauce. nat had a ny bagel with cream cheese, dill and avocado and steph struggled to get through her french toast, though i suppose that happened more because of the size of it rather than the taste. breakfast was a pretty quick affair, but we hung around for a lot longer. the weather and the company was much too agreeable to be moving at any speed other than glacial. i relayed the story of beeanchor to nat (that unfortunate spelling of bianca) and she laughed for a solid 10 minutes. seriously, its not difficult to crack her up, you try it sometime.

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