Wednesday, October 5, 2011

auction rooms

this post has been sitting in the backburner for almost an entire week now, and i wouldve done the write-up sooner had i not been so utterly engulfed in uni work. in the past 48 hours i have been asleep for a grand total of 5. the type poster that's due tomorrow took a long time to formulate and progress from my head to a printed something. i stayed up all night last night to work on the thing, before sneaking in an hour of sleep at around 7; this followed on from having gone to bed at 3am or so the previous night and then having to drag myself up early for an opening shift. i really never learn.. and what's worse is that it looks to get steadily worse over the next 4 weeks as everything piles up into what seems like an unassailable mount everest (even though we all do indeed get through it one way or another, kicking and screaming).

last week before the tattoo, steph nat and i went out for breakfast (for no real reason other than to have a nice meal and to waste some time). id heard of auction rooms before, but its so not in a convenient location for me. much like the west, north melbourne is mostly just blank nothing in my head and heading into it feels like some sort of crazy adventure.

but it turns out auction rooms is perfectly accessible via tram and now i really really wanna go back for more. the place really deserves all the hype that it gets. the space is absolutely beautiful. its an old converted auction house with the main bar in the middle and a smaller section against one wall for the siphons and pour overs. around that the dining space spreads out over split levels and there are little nooks and crannies for getting cosy in, as well as bar stools and benches for quicker sojourns.

we sat out the back in the courtyard, which was really more of a sun room.. it was completely enclosed with a clear ceiling to let the sunshine rain in and a massive tree planted in the middle. im probably doing a shit job of explaining all of this, but you ought to just go yourself.

and the coffee. goddamn delicious. i had a strong flat white with my meal which was creamy and smooth and delicious. followed that with an amazing short mac afterwards. nat recoiled in horror but i downed it with glee.

the food was also pretty faultless. mine consisted of 'salmon pastrami' (think cured salmon) layered over something in between a croquette and a hash brown with a poached egg on the side. nat had an interesting falafel dish with cous cous, tzatziki and poached eggs strewn over flat bread. steph's was a stew of sorts with beans, chorizo, egg and flatbread for dipping. my memory is hazy at best so i cant remember the auctioning-related names that they all had.

so all in all, it was a really great morning with great company. in a way it felt similar to the first time going to st ali, and just being so gobsmackingly impressed by every little thing. thats not to say that st ali is a worthless shit hole now, its just that auction rooms is better. i think ive already decided what to get next time (a first i think). miss adriennely wrote adoringly about the pork belly, read about its tender glory here.

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